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BR40 Circadian Lightbulb

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E26 Screw-in BR40 size lightbulb with 3 color temperature settings to simulate natural daylight, sunset, and campfire lighting throughout your home. Controllable via on/off switch. 

This revolutionary lighting design allows you to fully equip your home with circadian-friendly light, without compromising style or having tacky looking fixtures, bulbs, or single frequency yellow or red lights.

Size: 1

The BR30 Circadian Lightbulb is a screw-in lightbulb with an E26 base. BR30 indicates the sizing which is standardized across all "BR30" bulbs.

Healthy Home flicker-free Lighting is designed for circadian rhythm regulation, nervous system balancing, and sleep optimization.

Our upgraded LED technology produces flicker-free light. Our 3 light settings can be easily toggled through by turning the existing light switch off and on.

Our 3 color settings:

Daylight: 2700K. Full spectrum light to emulate daylight sun. Energizing and stimulating.

Sunset: 2100K. Warm amber hue, emitting less blue and green light. Gentle but illuminating.

Campfire: 1400K. Fiery glow. Zero blue light. Relaxing and sleep promoting.

Say goodbye to your house looking like a chicken coop, biohackers!


Cap Base: E26
Energy Used: 9W
Color Temperature: 1400/2100/2700k
Light Output: 810 Im
Beam Angle: 110°
CRI: 80
Driver Input: AC120V -60 Hz
Power Factor: 0.95
Dimming: TRIAC Dimmers 5% - 100% (120v only)
Approved Location: Insulated Ceiling & Damp Locations
Air Tight: Yes
Ambient Temperature: -40° F (-40°C) to + 104° F (+40°C)
Projected Life: 70% Light Output at 50,000 Hours
Certification: CE, RoHS, ETL

Dimmer Note:
Dimmer switches may vary in compatibility, potentially causing minor issues like unsyncronization. Please check compatibility before installation. For assistance, contact our support team or consult a qualified electrician.


1) Ensure all power to the electrical wiring and light fixture area is OFF at the breaker, and verify with electrical tester.
2) Ensure ceiling cutout matches the size of the recessed light (5/6" cutout = BR40)
3) Locate existing E26 connector or within existing can housing in the ceiling.
4) Screw in BR40 into E26 base.

What's Included

- E26, BR40 LED screw bulb

Size: 1
3 Color Settings

Choose from full spectrum Daylight, amber Sunset glow, or the warmest (zero blue light emitting) Campfire setting.

Flicker Free

Our upgraded light technology produces zero flicker rate, allowing your nervous system to rest.

Circadian Friendly

Our 3 color settings emit light frequencies that correspond to our natural light sources, so we can keep our circadian rhythms in sync.

Switch Controlled

Simply toggle through our 3 color settings by switching the light off and on.


2700 CCT

The Daylight setting is designed to illuminate your home throughout the day, with a full spectrum of light frequencies to provide maximum visibility when you need it the most, emulating daytime sunlight.

The 2700K color temperature is bright, but still warmer than the average ceiling light. It has just the right amount of blues and greens to match up to morning and mid day sunlight, but is not stark or harsh.

Energizing and stimulating.


2100 CCT

The Sunset setting is a warm, amber glow that serves as the perfect bridge between late afternoon daylight and dusk.

It is meant to be used towards the later hours of daylight, and has less blue and green light output, which means the lighting won't be sending your brain signals that it is mid-day or inhibiting melatonin production.

Gentle, but illuminating.


1400 CCT

The Campfire setting has a fiery glow which emits no sleep disrupting blue or green light, and is the perfect setting to keep your circadian rhythm in harmony with nature.

The 1400k color temperature delicately coats the room just as if you were sitting by a bonfire, or a beautifully candlelit space.

You can light up your house or room without disturbing the natural processes that your body performs throughout the day to ensure proper sleep, hormone production, and nervous system regulation.

Relaxing and sleep promoting.

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