Our Story

The foundation of Healthy Home sits on the desire to create the healthiest, most enjoyable, and most nourishing home environment possible.

About The Founders

Two friends that went from young party boys, to grown up home-owners looking to live a healthier and more natural life.

We (Dan and Adam) have been close friends for 15+ years, we've always had a sense of adventure - from backpacking Europe, to surfing and motorbiking in South America, to cliff diving in the Philippines.

Growing up, starting our own families and becoming homeowners led us to realize how challenging it was to find truly 'healthy' home products, that are not only clean and non-toxic, but also stylish and functional.

With Adam's background in health research and the bio-energetic point of view, it was easy to identify the types of products that were hard to find or simply didn't exist, when trying to make every part of your home environment work towards your wellbeing.

Endocrine disrupting and highly toxic soap and all-purpose cleaner was the first target. Even the so-called 'natural' companies either have a bunch of 'plant-based' chemical extracts which are still harmful, or are mostly using seed oils, and overcomplicating their ingredient lists.

Next, the abysmal home lighting options on the market... The options either produced tons of flicker and blue light, or the ones that didn't made the house look like a chicken coop.

Paired with Dan's expertise in design, user experience, and web creation The Healthy Home Shop was born!